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Spice Blends

Each of the jACKrABBIT spice blends is hand-blended by us, and recipes for using them will be added as they are tested. There is a good range for all kinds of cooking

Use Moroccan Tagine Spice to replace the seperate spices in any tagine recipe.

Moroccan Tagine Spice, refill, 35g. 95p.
The Persian Blend is a soft yellow, characteristic of the turmeric added. Use the blend directly on seafood or meat before cooking. Coat the meat then pan-fry with a little olive oil and serve with vegetables or potates. You can also mix with flour and use as a base for casseroles or stews. Our Persian spice can be used as a replacement for the spices required in many of Persian dishes (and you don't need to add extra black pepper, as the Persian Blend has plenty already).
Persian Blend, refill, 35g. 95p.
Chinese 5 Spice, refill, 35g. 95p.
Mexican chilli powder can be used in any Mexican dish, such as tacos, fajitas... or in the chilli con carne recipe, as in the recipe below. Its distinctive flavour comes from a blend of the chilli with cumin and paprika.
Mexican Chilli Powder, refill pack, 35g. 95p.

Jerk Seasoning, refill pack, 35g. 95p.
Garam masala is used in alot of Indian and South Asian cooking. It consists of a wide range of spices, and although it contains chilli it does not have the intense heat of some spice blends.
Garam Masala, refill pack, 35g. 95p.
Cajun Spice, refill pack, 35g. 95p.
Quatre Epices is literally four spice and with its high pepper content, it is used as a pepper alternative on the French dinner table, but with its additions of smaller parts of nutmeg, cloves and ginger it has a more delicate and refreshing flavour. In French cooking it is also used in soups, terrines and casseroles.
Quatre Epices, refill pack, 35g. 95p.